Saturday, June 26, 2010

FI: I Love you...

Sequins <3

Kết quả nghỉ giải lao 30mins trong thời gian ôn thi =P
 Results of my 30mins break from exams studies =P


  1. Woah :)

    Em chao chi,
    chi chup nhug hinh o dau vay, ma dep the? That la o vietnam ha?

    LG Trang

  2. Look this post:

    Your look is amazing! Greetings
    PD: I follow you

  3. ah, I love sequins too :) great blog, check out mine?

  4. Hello! I just discovered your blog. I love your style. You have personality.
    I hope you follow me, for I'm sure.
    A kiss. By the way, your glasses and your hair are the best!

  5. wow blings!!! u should check out my closet, sequins are just falling out of there. I just found your bog today, and I was amazed that vietnam is finally keeping up with fashion, but then I came across the post about you moving from poland to sing. Then it hit me, i kind of recognize your face, me too I'm vietnamese living in poland-warsaw, and a girl with you style and taste must have stayed in my memory somewhere. Anywho, keep up the amazing work on ur blog!!!

  6. awesome!! i looovvveee sequin everything and the one with the spikes are sick

    visit me/follow at:

    :) xo

  7. Thx guys for the comments <3

    that la o VN e ah - saigon ;]

    wow! thx! really appreciate that xD

    Thx! Such a shame that we didnt get a chance to meet each other back then when i was still in Poland ^^"- Warsaw Vnmese Community is really-really small


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