Sunday, October 11, 2009

P.S. I love fashion

Singapore, Plaza Singapura

My very first time hitting on the streets to take some pictures of stylish people.
It was hard I must admit, I didn't even dare to ask some people - I chicken out =P. Hope over the time will be able to get more and more pictures for you ;].

One more thing, I was quite nervous and forgot to ask their names - Sorry.

* * *

In Orange
She was the first person i spotted. A very nice and kind lady.
Love the colors of the outfit and vintage feeling of the accessories. And those boots!

* * *

In Full Blossoms
Can u NOT love this outfit? It's like a summer love. The beautiful, bright flowered dress with lace details - LOVE! Rayban and vintage Chanel? What else can you ask for?

* * *

Just like Van Gogh
I ended my day with this lovely outfit. Love the prints on the dress, very eye-catching.

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