Thursday, May 10, 2012

A very long post

I wish I could tell you that I'm back and can update on a regular basis again....
but I'm not, SOOOO NOOOOOOOOT T______________T!!

And it might be long before I can do so. I guess it’s safe to say that I've never been more busy and tired @__@. I barely sleep these days - tons of work tasks&projects (some of them are sort of 'mission impossible', I have no idea how to execute them), taking care of the entire household (since my parents are away and I'm not comfortable with housekeepers), 24h dog-babysitting (I swear it is much HARDER than babysitting a kid, she-the dog-is spoiled to the bones) and thousands of other unexpected/unplanned issues >_______<"".

Oh God! Mom, Dad - come home quick pleaseeeeeeeeeee T__T.


1. The Look
This is what I wore last week to a birthday cocktail (& buffet >D) party. Well, I got to admit - I'm not entirely happy with this look =P. Well yeah, I LOVE my recently-purchased dress (it makes me super joyful and energetic - kind of obvious with this number of colors heh >3) but the clutch choice maybe a bit doubtful though @,@". Ehh...never mind =P


2. Recent Features
> TOPZINE.CZ (here)
Thank you Klara <3!


This is a fashion magazine designed for App-Store (Apple) users.
For more information about the magazine:
To download the magazine app:
Thank you Lisa <3!

> KENH14.VN (here)
A small photoshoot done for teen portal. I've come to realize that heavy make-up doesn't suit me at all ^^"". 
Thank you Ngoc Anh & Vivian <3! 


3. For
Just want to share with you guys one of my looks taken specially for
Yeah! It's mullet again heh ;]. Well, can't blame anyone since mullet is still the 'it' thing in Vietnam =].


  1. What amazing features and I love your outfit!

    Does Style Sample ship internationally or just within Vietnam?


  2. so pretty, wonderful bluse

  3. great outfits!

  4. Loved the heels

  5. I love the vibrant stripes and love how you pair it with gold necklaces

  6. Woa~ Co nhieu item em kiem mai ma khong co mau vua` y'. Ss kiem hang o dau ma vua re vua dep the ? Em muon mua nhung k o VN, ss co cach nao giup em lien lac voi owner k ? Email hay FB gi do. Em kiem o web ma k thay. Cam on ss !!!

  7. Thanks you guys for all your comments - MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCHHHHH LOVE <3 <3 <3

    I'm incredibly sorry, was supposed to answer you much earlier but was caught up in this whole work mess >_<. Anyway, about stylesample, I'm not rlly sure but I believe they would ship to US as long as the buyer is ready to bear the shipping cost (which is high btw). You may contact with them directly via FB or mail :).

    Btw do you have FB profile, I'd love to be-friend you if you don't mind =}

    E hoi ve stylesample hay cai gi ha e ^^"? Neu la shop do thi e vao trang web cua
    C thi shop nhieu noi lam - di lung tung, o day co do dep, gia ca tot la c mua ah - c ko phai fan ruot cua shop nao het =P

  8. I like the last "tulip" chiffon style, and I can see where you are trying to come from in the first set, the leopard clutch would work nicely with the African look in the collar and necklace, but the bright stripes don't quite do it, maybe black and white... too much like a Zebra maybe!


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