Monday, July 26, 2010

FI: J.Crew Fall Lookbook

Chết mất *O* !!!
Mix đồ đẹp chết người!!
Trời ơi...nhìn thế này chỉ muốn quay về Balan khẩn trương thôi =_=""
...ko thì làm ơn ai mang mùa thu hoạc J.Crew tới Saigon điiii *o*<3

  * * *

OMG *O*!!!
I-N-S-A-N-E styling!!!
Oh God.... I want to go back to Poland T_____T...
..or someone please bring either J.Crew or autumn to Saigon  *o*<3


  1. hehe it is so you. :))
    btw they have J.Crew in poland?? Where?

  2. Do la li do tai sao kieu cach cua nguoi da trang khong nhieu nhung cái gọi là thoi trang thi van la nhat :(
    Oi may cai doi ta^t' :((((

  3. xin chau chi :)
    i dont know where to start, just saw a picture of you on lookbook & I was surprised to see someone from vietnam. I was born in germany but my parents are from VN and I already was plenty times overthere, last time just 2months ago but I couldnt get to see stylish people, thats what make me more suprise, to see that there are people who are interested in fashion. real fahion, not only jeans & tsirts. and really do how you like. take care!

  4. sry little mistake. wanted to say that I really do like how you dress!


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